Third and fourth draft bill on various tax measures submitted to parliament

On 24 November 2017, a third and fourth draft bill on various tax measures was submitted to the parliament.

These bills contains the following noteworthy measures:

  1. A tax exemption for compensation for the loss of income due to a forced reduction of milk production (EU Directives 2016/1612 and 2016/1613);
  2. The amendment of the definition of pension income, making it possible to tax the benefits under the Dutch Old Age (Pensions) Act (AOW);
  3. An exemption of pension income obtained from foreign states in respect of second world war victims;
  4. An amendment of the rules on administrative penalties in matters of transfer pricing, making it possible to impose a penalty upon the first infringement in case of bad faith;
  5. In respect of the inheritance tax on associations, the increase of the threshold, allowing a single payment of the tax for three years, from 125 euro to 500 euro;
  6. Making remuneration and salary paid out by international courts subject to the principle of exemption with progression;
  7. a corrective measure, in respect of the exemption for dividends from liquidation reserves. The exemption also applies to dividends related to assessment year 2012. The measures is the result of judgement of the Belgian Constitutional Court of 16 February 2017 (no° 20/2017);
  8. A harmonization of the participation exemption regime in respect of collective investment vehicles;
  9. Several amendments to the Code on Various Duties and Tax to, among others, eliminate discrimination in the rate of the tax on securities transactions as requested by the European Commission (EU Pilot 8367/16/TAXU)

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