Second draft bill on various tax measures submitted to parliament

On 9 November 2017, a second draft bill on various tax measures was submitted to the parliament.

The bill contains the following mainly technical measures:

  1. The abolition of the excess-profit tax scheme and some technical amendments to the repayment system of the illegal state-aid;
  2. Allowing crowdfund investments in micro-companies by individuals to benefit from an increased tax reduction;
  3. Some textual amendments to the innovation income deduction, making clear that (i) a cumulative application of the patent deduction and the innovation deduction is not possible, and (ii) that for any data and market exclusivity rights, there is a time-limit of 11 years;
  4. Amendments to the law of 16 December 2015 on the national exchange of information compliance rules in tax matters in respect of (i) the retention period of the information, and (ii) the definition of exempt collective investment funds, excluding NFE’s of which one or more UBOs are reportable persons.

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