Bill on various financial and tax measures published

On 13 June 2017, the federal government submitted a bill to the parliament containing, inter alia, the following tax measures:

  • corrective measures in respect of the exemption of dividends of cooperative companies and companies with a social purpose in order to ensure the EU-conformity of the exemption (infringement procedure 2008/4802) (applies to dividends granted as of 1 January 2017);
  • A corrective measure in respect of the exemption for dividends from so-called liquidation reserves. The exemption applies also to dividends collected in Belgium from foreign companies (applies to dividends granted as of 1 January 2015);
  • the limitation of the annual tax on collective investment vehicles to specialized real estate investment funds and the harmonization of the rate structure (applies as of 26 August 2016);
  • A specific annual insurance tax exemption for the harbours of Ghent and Antwerp which have been converted into public limited companies (applies as of 1 January 2014); and
  • the ratification of the royal decree of 12 December 2016 on the salary withholding tax containing changes in respect of the deduction by company managers for social security contributions, the calculation of the reduction for dependent persons and the reduction for pensions (applies as of 1 January 2017).

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