Tax shelter for the performing arts

On 2 December 2016, the federal government presented a draft bill to the parliament to extend the tax shelter system for the film industry to new productions in the industry of the performing arts (e.g. theater shows, circus, street theater, and opera productions, classical music, ballet, etc.).

The maximum value that the tax shelter certificates for a new performing arts production can have is set at EUR 2.5 million.

Non-profit organizations and associations subject to the legal entities tax, recognized as authorized production companies or intermediaries, will become subject to the corporate income tax as of the tax year in which they enters into a framework agreement. They will remain for three years subject to the corporate income tax, or longer if new framework agreements are entered into.

The extension of the tax shelter system to the performing arts enters into force on the day of the publication of the bill in the Belgian State Gazette. It will apply to framework agreements signed on the first day of the month following the publication of the bill.

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